Ivy Elite Inc.

美国留学机构 常青藤精英教育(Ivy Elite Inc.)在2012年创建,是著名的留学中介,总部建立于美国教育与经济中心纽约,坐拥得天独厚的美国本土教育资源以及最前沿的留学资讯,打造出最“专心丶专业丶专注”的高端留学品牌。在留学咨询行业中独创“从学校需求出发”的申请模式广受学生和家长的赠誉,我们的团队全部毕业于常青藤等顶尖院校,更网罗了一批各名校前招生官。我们长期与纽大哥大等各名校院系部保持良好关系,第一时间精准获取学校录取偏好及招生政策改革,让学生第一时间抓住专业及院系的申请重点,尽量帮助成功地藤校录取名额,也让名校更信赖我们培训推荐的学生。在研究生申请,商业分析等方向上都是有相当多成功案例,欢迎来网站了解咨询(https://ivyelite.net)。?


Founded in 2012, Ivy Elite Inc. is a well-known study agent. Headquartered in New York, the US Center for Education and Economics, Ivy Elite Inc. is surrounded by unique American educational resources and cutting-edge study abroad information to create the most “attentive”. High-end study abroad brand with professionalism and dedication. In the study abroad consulting industry, the original application mode of “starting from school needs” has been widely praised by students and parents. Our team has graduated from top institutions such as Ivy League, and has recruited a number of pre-school enrollment officers. We have long maintained good relations with the universities and colleges of New York University, Columbia University, etc., and we have the first time to accurately obtain the school admission preferences and admissions policy reforms, so that students can grasp the application focus of the professional and departmental departments for the first time and try to help successfully. The admission of the rattan school also makes the famous schools trust the students recommended by our training. There are quite a few successful cases in the direction of graduate application, business analysis, etc. Welcome to the website to learn about the consultation.